Vanessa provides informative, useful and inspiring presentations on compassion fatigue, mindfulness, companion animal bereavement and stress management.



Vanessa can create tailored workshops on compassion fatigue, mindfulness, companion animal bereavement and stress management.



Vanessa is available for workplace and private consultations. Vanessa has worked with a number of organisations to assist them in developing a program that best suits their needs. Private consultations are collaborative and supportive sessions that allow her to take into account the unique factors contributing to compassion fatigue, grief and stress. These factors will be taken into account and together you will be able to develop a personalised strategy for management.

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Background: Work and Education

She is dedicated to helping animal care professionals and organisations manage and overcome the stress, physical and mental exhaustion from animal care work. She understands that this work is not just a job, its a calling for many, and this job can come with costs. Compassion fatigue is the cost of caring for many.

Her formal qualifications in psychology, combined with her work experience as a veterinary nurse and animal welfare researcher has helped her fine tune her knowledge and skills in developing ways to support those who dedicate their lives to animals in need.

Vanessa has her PhD with a specialisation in psychology and a Bachelor of Arts with honours in psychology. Vanessa is an experienced lecturer and public speaker. She has lectured and tutored for over 6 years and has presented her research at international and national conferences.

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“We had the pleasure of Vanessa attending our organisation to deliver her talk on Compassion Fatigue to our animal handling/nursing staff. It was like a light went on. The staff were so happy to hear someone talk openly and honestly about the things they have been feeling and ways to cope. Vanessa herself was lovely, very approachable and took the time to talk to the staff individually if they wanted to. She has also stayed in touch and has offered further help if required. I have no hesitation in recommending Vanessa to attend your organisation as it was a highly worthwhile and valuable session.”

HR rep, Animal Welfare Organisation

“I recently attended the Compassion Fatigue seminar, presented by Dr Vanessa Rohlf. Dr Vanessa Rohlf is a brilliant presenter and a highly qualified educator, researcher and specialist in psychology of human-animal interactions.

I believe after attending this informative and extremely well presented and organised seminar Compassion Fatigue can affect anyone working and volunteering within animal organisations. I highly recommend this seminar to volunteers and the staff of animal shelters and other facilities that work with animals and also to management of all animal organisations so they can be better informed how best to assist their staff and volunteers. Attending this seminar has made me personally aware of Compassion Fatigue and also to recognise the symptoms in others and to make me more caring and supportive for my fellow animal carers, Thank you so much Vanessa.”

Wendy-Jane Sheppard, Lilydale, Victoria

Vanessa has had the pleasure of working with the following organisations and groups